What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Fashion Designer

If you are thinking of entering the fashion world possessing the creative flair required to become a fashion designer, we have got you covered by covering each aspect around it so that you get clarity of the procedure or get a hold of the scope in this field ranging from job outlook to work hours, etc.

What Does a Fashion Designer Do?

Fashion designers design clothes, accessories, shoes etc to make it aesthetically pleasing. Their role usually include:

  • Estimating cost of manufacturing or materials
  • Finding suppliers
  • Working to design instructions
  • Predicting trends in fabric, clothes or shapes 
  • Creating basic shapes from patterns
  • In-house presentations etc
  • There is a strong amount of employment in this field with around 12,000 fashion designers rising in the last five years. People in this field work for around 40 hours per week which is just under the national average of 40.2 in all occupations. It reflects a strong appeal among the youth due to which around 45% people in this industry are in the age bracket of 25-34 years old.
  • National broadband network conducted a study according to which it reflects that with the introduction of new technology, new opportunities for specialist profession such as fashion designer or designing will be created
  • The best part about fashion designing is that its possibilities are endless, you are not restricted to clothes as you can become a footwear designer or jewellery designer includes a lot of travelling, option of self employment and the ability to create trends in the society which upon seeing alive gives immense pleasure which is unmatched

Skills Required for Fashion Designing

  • Good communication skills– this is a quality which is required in every field, to be able to convey your instructions or expectations is significant for a smooth working process
  • Great business sense– a fashion designer requires excellent business skills to stay within budget and to market his clothes.
  • Creativity- this is one of the most important skills needed in a creative field like fashion designing, to be able to come with original and creative ideas is really  insignificant to leave a mark in this industry.
  • Updated with current fashion trends– you need to be updated with the trends that will to keep your game up or it will help you to be the most relevant fashion designers
  • Computer skills– fashion designers require to be familiar with computer aided design programs or editing software which help you in improving your designs

Around 65% of the fashion designers hold a degree or diploma while around 35% designers hold an advanced diploma, which brings us to the most important aspect regarding fashion designing which is the educational qualification required, you need to pass class 12th with at least 50% and a higher qualification or diploma or degree in fashion designing is desirable to be a foot ahead of the neck to neck the question that arises is which is the best institute for fashion designing? JD Institute Of Fashion technology is one of the best institutes providing fashion designer courses such as bachelor in fashion design or diploma/advanced diploma in fashion design incorporating every aspect needed to succeed in this field including updated course material, selection of materials or fabric, latest designing techniques, necessary industry exposure etc. J

D Institute shares a vision of providing the best industry based programs with the latest infrastructure or technology so that their students can stand shoulder to shoulder with the leaders in the industry they want to enter in or so that they can leave a mark in their respective industry. Due to this special approach or exemplary contribution of JD Institute in the field of education it has been awarded with various token of recognition such as the times power icon award, international glory award, leaders in education award, best skill learning for fashion design in india at the indian education awards and many more. It reflects a record breaking placement of 99% with its students working for big companies like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Pepperfry, Sabyasachi and many more and making a mark in their respective industry such as Urvashi kaur, Rocky s, shane peacock, Maheka Mirpuri etc as we understand the significance of an education system in building the economy in an effective way or the significance of providing an environment where talent meets opportunity. As the global market endures creating a plethora of possibilities for everyone, it has a vision of illuminating these opportunities for its students around the globe.

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