What are the Characteristics of a Makeup Artist?

A career as a makeup artist reflects exciting as well as different elements every day. There is a different level of satisfaction from doing makeup for clients and making them look far different from their usual selves. Makeup artists can be found in different industries be it in retail stores, entertainment, theatre, films or business of their own etc. JD Institute is here with some important tips or characteristics that should be present in a makeup artist to be successful:

  • Assess the Skin Type

Even before applying makeup, a makeup artist needs to determine the skin type of their client  which includes colour, sensitivity or condition so that appropriate colour or makeup can be used. Learning colour principles is really significant as a makeup artist. A client’s bone structure should also be focused upon to decide where and how to apply makeup so that desired results are achieved.

  • Apply Makeup the Correct Way

Makeup artists need to learn the states of preparation that are required before applying makeup for example – cleaning, toning and moisturizing according to the skin type. Practice applying foundation, blush, eye and brow liner, lip colour or shadow etc. A makeup artist may need to learn beyond the basics when it comes to applying makeup for high fashion events, bright and low light or indoor and outdoor events. Learning makeup for different settings become really important for example- for on-camera talent, photoshoots under different lighting conditions etc

  • Tools of the Trade

A makeup artist requires a lot of tools ranging from sponges, brushes to a variety of different types of makeup. Learning the uses of different brushes is really important along with the pros and cons of different types of makeup. Some may specialize in covering tattoos or cover any imperfections etc. makeup artists who are connected with the theatres or entertainment industry may require more than makeup as wigs, beards, false eyelashes, prosthetic body parts etc are required for a character.

  • Attributes and Traits

To be a successful makeup artist or to stand apart from the crowd, experimentation with different ideas, tools and having a good eye for different colours is important. A makeup artist may be required to work for long hours and the job can be stressful at times with a lot of travelling day and night. However, being passionate, trying out different things and reflecting on good communication skills can lead you to your dream along with the process being smooth as you will be able to communicate your idea to your client, team etc.

  • Qualifications and Licensing

To become a successful makeup artist or to get makeup artist jobs with a handsome makeup artist salary, qualification from a good institution is a requisite. JD Institute Of fashion technology is one of the best institutes providing makeup artist course along with other industry-based courses which are centred on providing the necessary exposure, knowledge like understanding the face structure, colour theory, health and hygiene, concealing techniques, basic hair styling, makeup for different occasions, introduction to men’s makeup etc for the students to be ready for the real world. JD Institute has a vision of providing the best faculty, resources etc so that no external barrier can restrict the students from standing shoulder to shoulder with the leaders of the industry they wish to go in.

JD Institute is one of the oldest premium institutes with a legacy of 30 years which is dedicated towards the study of art and design spectrum. It has a goal of setting up an association of students to turn their idea into reality. It is focused on preparing each student with so much knowledge and exposure (through guidance from the top industry experts, international exchange programs, focus on the intricate details etc) that they leave a mark in their respective fields

 Due to their exemplary contribution to education, JD Institute has been awarded various token of appreciation such as the international glory award, the time’s power icon award, leaders in education award and many more. JD Institute reflects a record-breaking placement of 99% ensuring that talent meets opportunity. The right opportunity is waiting for you, grab it now and enrol in the JD Institute Of fashion technology.

Some jobs require licensing however it can vary from state to state. Some states require you to put hours in education and then pass a written exam to acquire a license in your particular field or to practice in your particular field while some states do not have such conditions.

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