What are the career opportunities in jewellery design?

As opposed to many people’s opinion, jewellery designing can be a promising career path. Today’s generation focuses on getting truly perfect adornments for their web-based media looks. Add a steadily developing Indian design industry into this situation, and you can perceive any reason why jewellery designing is the most recent hot profession choice around the corner. 

We guess that this information is just limited for you to think of jewellery designing as a course. What about, if we say, you don’t have to do a four-year full-time period to seek after jewellery designing. Yes! We are serious. With JD Institute of Fashion and Technology, jewellery designing is straight up your valley. However, there are as yet specific prerequisites that you need to go down this career path. How about we take a look at all of them?

Do you need a course to pursue jewellery designing?

Although there aren’t many long-term courses accessible in jewellery designing, you can pick many short-term jewellery designing courses, all things equal. These recognition courses are available in many top design organisations in India. You ought to go for a designing course after you’ve done your graduation in any stream. Assuming you are initially from an expressions stream, you will have an added plus point. 

How much does it cost to do a jewellery designing course?

The jewellery designing course fees depend on what college you choose to pursue it from. If you pick a private institution, it will cost you more than a government institution. On average a short-term jewellery designing course fees are usually between 30,000 – 50,000. However, if you plan to go for a longer duration, jewellery designing course fees can cost 60,000 to 1.5 lakh. 

The jewellery designing course fees rely upon what school you decide to seek after it from. Assuming you pick a private university, it will cost you more than doing it from a government institute. On average a short-term designing course fees are typically between INR 30,000 to INR 50,000. However, if you want to go for a more extended span, jewellery designing course expenses can cost 60,000 to 1.5 lakh. 

What skills do I need to do jewellery designing?

Like many other fields related to the art stream, you will require a creative mind to develop new and innovative ideas. Having technical knowledge of jewellery components like metal and gemstones is also a prerequisite.

You also need to have a keen understanding of social media and keep up with the latest trends to keep up with the demand. Lastly, having good marketing skills helps as that way you will be able to promote yourself and your jewellery designing on whichever platform you are on. 

Can I avail any scholarship or funding for jewellery designing?

Presently no government funding or scholarships are available for pursuing jewellery designing. The same goes for getting education loans from banks. 

What job opportunities do I have in jewellery designing?

Because of the explosion of fashion trends and web-based media, jewellery designing has seen an upwards scale in the chart of propositions for employment. The market has likewise preferred jewellery designing for quite a while presently, as purchasing gems for promising occasions remains a social legacy in India. 

After completing your ideal course in jewel design, you can apply to adornments organisations like Tanishq and many more. There you can function as a gem fashioner or an adornments advisor in addition to other things. You don’t have to stress over discovering opportunities in this industry as they are regularly effectively accessible. 

As another option, you can always start up your freelance work after completing your education. You can market your jewellery designs on social media, for example, and set up your retail unit. This option will also make for a good side income while you are doing your primary job. 

What’s the pay package for jewellery designers?

The pay for jewellery designing can be handsome, depending on your experience and education qualifications in this field. Like any other field, you will be starting on a lower income scale of around INR 20,000 to 25,000. But as you pick up experience and increase your brand by marketing, you can expect to net in a more significant pay scale. So it is worth it to go for the top creamy layer in jewellery designing as there you can earn upwards of up to 1 lakh per month! In the end, it depends on how much hard work and creativity you are putting into this field of work. 

What is the demand for jewellery designing?

In recent years the demand for jewellery designing has increased tenfold. People are becoming more and more aware of fashion statements and are now conscious of buying stylish jewellery. No longer is jewellery just an investment and status symbol. It has also become a style statement and people now often show off their latest modern jewellery on social media. This has, of course, increased the demand for hiring highly qualified and trained jewellery designers. 

But the demand for jewellery designing is not just there in India. Jewellery designing is also taking off internationally as people in the west are becoming more interested in Indian jewellery. So if you have a great portfolio and good years of experience, you can quickly get a lucrative job in an international jewellery firm like Tiffany!


So this was all you need to know about the jewellery designing industry. However, if you are precise and transparent with your mindset, you can do wonders in this field under the JD Institute of Fashion and Technology guidance. So gear up, fasten your belts, and here you go!

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