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JHANSI : Jhansi was built as a hilltop fortress of the Maratha kings, built above a town then known asShankargarh. The massive fort still stands, but today “Jhansi” refers both to the city of around 8 million people at its base and to the surrounding region. Jhansi is most famous for its best-known inhabitant Rani Lakshmi Bai, often regarded as the “India’s Joan of Arc”, who ruled it in the mid-19th century.


JD Institution has been an incubator for the last 30 years for hundreds of individuals determined to transform their dreams into reality. Equipped with the latest curriculum, infrastructure, state of the art facilities the institution is committed to preparing each candidate to be successful exactly the way they envisioned.


Courses offered by JD, are crafted with a balanced content of the latest academic curriculum combined with relevant industry training tailored for the optimal growth of the candidates by motivating them to gradually develop personal styles or individual design languages throughout the courses.


At JD, all undergraduate, as well as graduate students, are presented with the opportunity to work under exemplary industry leaders, fashion houses, design firms as well as international institutions like UAL, London and take part in collaborative works ranging from sustainable fashion to innovative interior design, spanning across continents.


At JD Institute, we firmly believe that to be truly successful in a profession a candidate must aim for holistic growth, rather than relying on academic excellence alone. Education is not restricted within the walls of a classroom only. With our broad network of collaborations globally, we are committed to ensuring that students get to learn in a dynamic, highly creative environment from the best in the industry.


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