A welcome note to Jediiians by Rupal Ma’am

Congratulations on your graduation. You have just completed your academic journey to enter into professional world. It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the Jediiian Design Council. The council is made with a motif to give all of you a platform for networking. We will develop an annual programme of events and activities for you. These may include social events, talks, exhibitions and gallery tours as well as gatherings to help develop your professional networks.

About Us

  • - After graduation, the JD Design Council provides you with invaluable support and helps keep you connected to each other and your College.
  • - Enjoy exclusive creative and career opportunities through networking, events, courses and more.
  • - The mission of JD Design Council is to help members increase their business prospects through a structured, positive and professional referral program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality professionals from the industry..
  • - We partner with several designers, design studios, buying houses, export houses and organizations that share our values. Working together, we help each other grow through cross promotion.

WHY JOIN JD COUNCILStarting your Career

  • - Not sure about the career direction ahead?
  • - Don’t worry! It is perfectly okay to not have all answers yet.
  • - Explore opportunities, options and see what suits you the best.
  • - You can enjoy the same support in placement as you had when you were a student at JD. Be it an application writing, resume’ making, cracking an interview, making a business deal, heading for a start up. Our placement team will be there by your side to help you.

The meetings organized by JD Design Council will give you ample opportunities to connect with alumni and industry experts

  • - Reunions & Events( Sports Meet, Karaoke Night, Music Concert Night, Half Marathon or Walk for a Social Cause, Stand Up Night)
  • - Panel Discussions
  • - Membership of Jediian Club
  • - Platform to interact with established designers & Jediiians
  • - Unparalleled Growth
  • - Connect with the Industry
  • Study Further at JD

    Every dream begins with a dreamer. The bigger you dream, the bigger you can do. Be progressive and join a course to enhance your qualification and be the achiever.

    • - Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design
    • - Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design
    • - Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication
    • - Diploma In Fashion Business Management
    • - Diploma In Fashion Styling
    • - Diploma in Fashion Photography
    • - Post Graduate Diploma in Interior Design
    • - Diploma in Jewellery Design

    Volunteering & Mentoring

    • - Be the face of Jediiian Design Council
    • - Take Initiatives in organizing events
    • - Collaborate with Celebrity Designers
    • - Collaborate with Industry
    • - Help with student recruitments by giving them opportunities
    • - Alumni can often share their vast knowledge and expertise by serving in an academic capacity. Volunteer as a guest classroom speaker or adjudicator for various academic competitions and symposia throughout the year. Volunteer positions for this opportunity will vary based on school and University programming
    • - We would surely like to have your suggestions about the event.
    • - You can volunteer to organize the show
    • - You can fund the show partially/ completely by taking on board the like minded
    • - Make Donations
    • - Become A Fundraiser
    • - Interested in working closely with a current student from your program or one who is interested in exploring your professional industry? You can mentor a group of students for the next TFA.


    Through weekly meetings and exclusive resources, JD design council helps you build a strong network that fuels professional growth.

    Find yourself with your glorious work in the Hall of Fame Page on our college website.

    Stay updated with design developments happening globally through our curated classroom experience. Keep innovating, keep experimenting and keep learning.

    Get ready to be welcomed with open arms by the entire design fraternity, as you step into a world where the impossible does not exist and the new is waiting to be discovered.

    Be a part of initiatives that help understand the needs of the society , social causes, organizing awareness campaigns that influence and change the way our world functions and innovates.


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