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With a legacy of 33 years and 36+ campuses all across India, JD institute of fashion technology is a pioneer of design education in India, We pride ourselves in developing not only a college but a community of future thinkers, who seek to embrace design challenges creating a better world tomorrow.

Our expertise in the field of fashion, interiors, Jewellery, Make-Up and communication comes from years of experience and experimentation that aims to equip the young aspirants with practical experience and classroom training.

What you get when you become a
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Why Enter The

Design Education


  1. A recession free business; Fashion and Design education has evolved into a basic need
  2. A long term investment
  3. No heavy investment in stocks and market
  4. Offers high recognition and respect in the community
  5. Comfortable working hours, leading to work-life balance
  6. A positive and creative working environment
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Dedicated Team

We create a culture of individualism, diversity and a never-say-die attitude – perfect ingredients to make your imagination fly!

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Trusted Partner

Since 1988, JD Institute of Fashion Technology has been grooming young aspirants from all over India to translate their dreams into success.

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Friendly support

Regular monitoring, audit and upgrades of systems as per changing needs. Scheduled visits, personalized attention and support

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Here is what we believe what makes a jediiian - a few beliefs and principles for you to act upon to reach the pinnacle of success: Success or failure, it is your choice! Success is never ending and failure is never final. It all begins when you decide you want to succeed. Success is discovering your potential as well as seeing the new opportunities that are born around you every day. Achieving personal success does not have to be left to chance, destiny, luck, or good fortune. The good news is that you can learn how to achieve that success, and you are probably much closer to it than you could ever imagine.

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JD Surat campus winning the best campus award 2019

Easy Steps

  • Fill in Franchise Application Form
  • Get the site inspected and approved by the management of the institution
  • Sign the Standard Franchise Agreement
  • Confirm the arrangements of funds
  • Start the construction of the institute building or you can also upgrade your existing institute, post an approval
  • Assistance on procurement of furniture and equipment for classrooms, labs, libraries etc
  • Complete recruitment and training of staff and faculties
  • Assistance on strategizing marketing and Promotional Activities
  • Assistance on the launch of the institution with a distinctive promotional plan
  • Congratulations! You are now a part of the JD Family!


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