Covid19- Response

The year 2020 witnessed an unprecedented turn of events with the arrival of the pandemic worldwide. Learning took a drastic turn, with the pandemic putting everything to a halt temporarily. However , as a design institution we were quite quick to use our problem solving skills (that you all will learn during your course at JD institute ) ,measures were immediately taken to keep the learning curve going, and the process of knowledge dissemination hassle free and fun .The institution adopted the hybrid learning model and safety measures to ensure no compromise were done with the quality of design learning.

Classroom norms

To ensure social distancing , each class will function on 30% capacity .Tags and indicators have been placed in all classrooms helping students identify the correct seating plan.Sanitization of the classrooms is essentially done after a lecture is conducted in a particular classroom.The lab rules will differ according to the nature of activity done within the premise and will be notified to students before the class.

Student Portal Experience

The institution already has a world class infrastructure but we have also been working very hard with a student focus group on creating a digital infrastructure for our online modules to make learning fun and interactive. The student portal has been created keeping in mind our jediiians and their learning behavior to give students a more personalized experience.

Flexible - online examination and assessment

Assessment and exams are important for the academic department to evaluate student progress and give feedback for improvement .As important as this process is for overall development , the department also acknowledges the students and their loved ones being affected by the virus. 3 exam cycles will be created each semester where the student can select his/her/their preferred date.

Hybrid Learning

A design course can never be taught entirely online , and no jediiian should miss out on using our labs because a pandemic has decided to come. The semester module distribution has been re-structured to ensure practical modules are pushed to later semesters.

General Guidelines

  • Fogging/ spraying is carried out in all areas of the campus regularly.
  • Temperature checking machine is installed at the entrance to the campus.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory at all times.
  • Sanitizer stands have been put at the entrance of all classrooms, in the reception area, near water dispensers, washrooms, and all
    common places in the campus.
  • Batches have been divided into smaller groups, in order to ensure social distancing.
  • Display wall/ floor stickers, in accordance to social distancing norms to guide the student’s movement within the campus .
  • Contactless taps and dryers have been placed in all washrooms.
  • If any student complains of cold, cough, headache or uneasiness , information will be given to the parents/ guardians and the student
    will be sent back home immediately, and the student would be permitted to attend further on campus sessions after 10 days only, with a
    written prescription of a registered medical practitioner.

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