Makeup Artistry


If you have an eye for beauty, enjoy interacting with people and delight in transforming a plain Jane into a stunning sophisticate, beauty care is a field you to excel in. Although tastes and trends keep changing, the basic job of beauty care professionals remains the same: to help people look their best! A combination of theoretical and practical skill will be delivered to the learners, with a focus on transformations and creating aesthetically pleasing looks. Students will be able to achieve beauty looks with remedial measures undertaken for any clients imperfections as well.




Makeup Artistry – 7 weeks

At JD we believe that knowledge lies not just in books. Hence a curriculum that makes for learning, that helps one excel in real life and not just in academics. With a thorough classroom theory backing, students are given live projects to work on with industry experts so that they are ready to take on the world even before they step out. Students will be able to understand the problem areas requiring corrective makeup and provide the solutions accordingly.

1 review for BSc. in Fashion and Apparel Design – Bangalore University

Syeda Shaista – 28/09/2019

My experience with JD Institute is been really great ……..getting to the roots of fashion with some amazing international experiences. Its a beautiful place for every fashion lover to come and have a great an HANDS on experience at JD.

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  • The short term course will enable the student to understand various face shapes and the suitability of types of makeup
  • Enable the learners to undertake corrective makeup for various types of look
  • Create looks for varied requirements such is fashion photoshoots , high-end ramp walk looks , celebrity makeup and so on.
  • To facilitate effective use of Makeup techniques
  • To facilitate effective use of face charts
  • To analyse and create beauty looks
  • To be able to teach basic makeup
  • To be able to work in salons
  • As a career, Beauty Industry offers a unique blend of opportunities. A professionally trained person can start his or her career as a Beauty Salon-Manager / Assistant Manager, Beauty Salon-Director, Beauty Therapist, Beauticians, Beauty Counsellor, Beauty Salon Receptionist, Fitness Instructor, Fitness Director, Massage Therapist, Hair Stylists, Creative Director, Nail Technician, Spa Director, Spa-Manager/Assistant Manager, Spa Trainers, Spa Therapist, Cosmetic Sales-Manager, Cosmetic Sales-Director and many more.
  • Ubderstanding of face structures
  • Colour theory
  • Health and hygiene
  • Concealing techniques
  • Corrective makeup
  • Makeup for different occasions
  • Basic hair styling

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