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This course will enable you to become a visual arts specialist in retail, by laying strong foundations in visual merchandising. Visual merchandising has gained rapid popularity, especially among the millennials since the emergence of fast fashion and mall culture. From the retail industry to film/ television industry visual merchandising enjoys tremendous growth and thus a huge opportunity for exploitation. On successful completion of the course, the candidate has a wide range of opportunities to work with fashion, photography, products, furniture industries.

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Visual Merchandising may refer to a balanced collection of skillset including strong aesthetic sensibilities, innovative execution ideas, smart interpretation of conceptual developments incorporating a selected basic understanding of both creative and interior (space-based) planning. The program opens up a number of opportunities to work in the fashion, retail, film and advertisement industries for the skilled individuals.

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Syeda Shaista – 28/09/2019

My experience with JD Institute is been really great ……..getting to the roots of fashion with some amazing international experiences. Its a beautiful place for every fashion lover to come and have a great an HANDS on experience at JD.

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  • The course will enable the learner to understand the elements and principles of design that will help them put together an aesthetic display.
  • Students will understand technical details pertaining to store layouts, merchandise assortments thereby maximizing profits by creating a conducive ambience for consumers to make buying decisions.
  • Students will be able to create thematic displays catering to the consumer psychologies while maintaining the brand ethos.
  • The program enables the students to develop a creative approach making use of varied materials to enhance visual and buying experience of consumers.
  • Students will be able to produce theme-based window displays for occasions as well as generalized displays.
  • Students will be able to work towards enhancing product appeal by an augmented placement of props etc.
  • Students with a Visual Merchandising diploma will be able to gain opportunities as Visual Merchandisers in the retail sector or can work with different brands and design houses. They also have an avenue in the Interior design sector, which is an upcoming dimension added to residential as well as commercial projects.
Elements of Design
Principles of Design
Introduction to Retail and Signages
Store Layouts
Planogram and Elevations
Introduction to Props and mannequin handling
Props presentation and Window designing
Window design
Thematic planning

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