An academic division of JD Educational Trust and JD Image Promotions Ltd, JD Institute has been a pioneer in the field of ‘Art and Design Education’ in India. Established in Mumbai, IN the institution was founded by Mr. Chandrakant Dalal (President) and Mr. R. C. Dalal (Executive Director & Co-Founder of Indian Film Festival) in 1988. As an Institution, JD prides itself in providing the most innovative and advanced courses in Fashion, Interior Design, Jewelry Design, Fashion Communication, Visual Merchandising, Make-Up Artistry, Vaastu Shastra, Pattern Making Technology, Apparel Boutique Management offered by the industry in an extremely imaginative, experimental and supportive environment guided by the eminent experts from the respective industries though regular classroom sessions/ workshops, multidisciplinary collaborations within each categories, supplemented with regular seminars, studio visits, International exposures through travel to transform the dreams, imaginations and visions of the students into a concrete reality. It is a platform to ignite the students’ true potential and intelligence, irrespective of whether they are already aware of it or waiting to be discovered, in order for them to metamorphose into the confident, adaptive, best versions of themselves to fearlessly step into the ever-changing World of Design.

With A long history Of renowned Alumni Who Have cemented Their names In Design industry with their influential contributions– Rocky S, Shane And Falguni, Reza, Gaurav Chabra, Urvashi Kaur, Niket Mishra, Maheka Mirpuri To Name A Few, We atthe JD Institution are firm believer of the ideology to encourage and groom young Jediiians from a global perspective of innovation and inclusivity …armed with the latest trends, technology, industry oriented holistic curriculum to shape them into able, confident and dynamic citizens of tomorrow.

To provide a truly global, inspiring, forward-thinking set of programs, JD Institute of Fashion Technology has collaborated with a number of Acclaimed Global as well as Indian Institutions and Associations; namely-

* Cumulus * Indo Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry * Indo French Chamber Of Commerce and Industry * The Council Of EU Chambers Of Commerce In India* EQAC (Education Quality Accreditation Commission, Spain) * KOEFIA, Italy * National Design Institute, Russia



Established with an exemplary vision to dramatically transform the way we think about Design Education in contemporary India, the JD Institute of Fashion Technology is one of the finest institutions in the country to present multiple programs in the creative field of Design Education. The institution opened its door to its very first batch of students in Mumbai offering diploma courses in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Jewelry Design and Fashion Photography in the year 1988 with a highly ambitious goal of designing an innovative as well as inspiring environment for creatively inclined individuals in order to turn their imagination into physical reality.


With a mission to provide a high quality Design Education to students from all over the country, including the tier 2 Tier and 3 Tier cities, especially at a time when the elemental awareness about any program in the fields of Fashion Design or Design, in general, was vastly restricted, JD founded its next educational campus in New Delhi and Banglore, soon after. And within a span of next couple of years, we have cemented our presence in more the 30 cities within the country; namely- New Delhi (Corporate Office), Bangalore (Corporate Office), Mumbai (Corporate Office), Aligarh, Bhubaneswar, Bikaner, Dibrugarh, Dwarka – New Delhi, Gorakhpur, Gurgaon, Guwahati, Gwalior, Indore, Jhansi, Jodhpur, Kanpur, Lucknow, Meerut, Noida, Patna, Raipur, Siliguri, Surat,Vishakhapatnam among others.


Within a very short period since its inception, JD Institute had embarked on a mission to ally with various international organizations to promote the concepts of global learning and collaborative works starting with the London Research Program. JD has partnered with the London College of Fashion and Chelsea School of Art (affiliated with UAL, London) soon after. JD Institute of Fashion Technology is also a member of multiple internationally acclaimed organizations and associations like Cumulus, Indo Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Indo French chamber of commerce and Industry, the council of EU chambers of commerce in India, EQAC (Education quality accreditation Commission, Spain) and take part in various collaborative projects with KOEFIA, Rome, Italy, National Design Institute, Russia at a regular basis.


Over the decades JD Institute has been a pioneer, an Industry leader in terms of providing excellent services including unmatched standard of education, global collaborations, Industry connections. Ms. Rupal Dalal, Executive Director of JD Institute of Fashion Technology (an educational division of JD Image Promotions Ltd.)has been awarded the prestigious “The Times Power Icon 2019” in recognition of her exemplary contribution to design education. Under the supervision of Ms. Dalal, JD Institute of Fashion Technology won several awards, Under the supervision of Ms. Dalal including the“UK Asian Business Award” at the Congress Hall London and the “Best Vocational Education Institute of the Year – Fashion Design” at the 7th Indian Education Awards by Indian Education Congress, Smt. Sushila Agarwal Memorial Award” etc. for her humanitarian works for the World Elders Day, Spastic society, Indian Cancer Society, JAGO, CWEI among others.


Being the first premier institute in India to offer a range of dedicated programs on Design education, JD institute has a remarkably distinguished list of renowned alumni, leaving an enormous impact on the creative world with their extraordinary contributions. To name a few-Rocky S, Shane, and Falguni, Reza, Gaurav Chabra, Urvashi Kaur, Niket Mishra, Maheka Mirpuri among others. We have a strong history of collaborations with our alumni on multiple occasions at various levels, to encourage sharing of experiences, knowledge and industry know-how with the students since the year 2008.

The Fashion Awards:

Beginning in 2015, the most prestigious event embodying the defining visions, ideologies, and philosophy the Institute is founded upon, The Fashion Awards. Conducted in national capital every year, the colossal event attracts hundreds of candidates from the discipline of fashion, Interior, Jewelry across north India ranging from Delhi NCR, Raipur, Bhubaneswar, Patna, Lucknow, Jodhpur, Gwalior, Bikaner, and other places in order to present their innovative designs at a distinguished platform inspired the respective theme of the year. Students are mentored by the leading industry experts such as Rina Dhaka, Sunita Kohli, Sonali Bhagwati, Manoviraj Khosla etc, for innovative as well as experimental works involving various installations, exhibits, 3d walkthroughs, etc. Some of the honorary award achievers at the event are renowned Industry stalwarts such as Anju Modi, Rohit Bal, Mira Muzaffar Ali and respected Ambassadors of UAE, Iceland, Poland etc

Our founders

Mr. Chandrakant Dalal

Mr. RC Dalal


A division of JD Image Promotions Ltd, JD Institute of Fashion Technology is one of the oldest premium institutions in India dedicated specifically to the studying of the Art and Design spectrum. Having a productive legacy of 30 years the institution was the foundation by Mr. Chandrakant Dalal (President) and Mr. RC Dalal (Executive Director and Co-Founder of Indian Film Festival Worldwide) in 1988 in Mumbai, India. Beginning with an ambitious goal of setting up a commanding association of students to turn their ideas into a reality with an extraordinary vision, the pioneers felt the intense demand for creating a transitional incubator for the new generation of creative individuals to leave their mark in their respective fields with their dedication and aspiration guided by the best industry experts.


Our vision at JD Institute of Fashion Technology is to prepare confident, well equipped, innovative designers for the world of Contemporary Designs. We are committed to molding each individual at par with their global counterparts by providing the latest industry-oriented global programs, cutting-edge techniques/ infrastructure, advanced facilities, latest resource library to help young aspirants construct their way ahead to give shape to their unique Imagination with help from the leading industry experts.

Mrs. Rupal Dalal

Executive Director of JD Institute Fashion Technology

Ms. Rupal Dalal serves as the Executive Director of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, which is an education division of JD Image Promotions Ltd. Having been established in 1988, JD Institute of Fashion Technology is today recognized as one of the pioneers and the major design institute in India. Ms. Rupal Dalal is accorded with the Times Power Icon 2019 for her exemplary contribution in the field of education. Her humanitarian concern is channelized through various CSR Activities like World…

Mr. Harsh Dalal

Director JD Institute of Fashion Technology

As the Director, he spearheads the expansion in India and abroad. Under his vision, the company has expanded and grown immensely. Despite his goal of global openness, Mr. Harsh Dalal truly believes in educating the young Indians on futuristic fashion and trends. He passionately believes that the Indian design Industry has the potential to challenge and succeed in the highly competitive global market, if it is able to infuse latest technology with creativity and original content creation. With excellent organizational…

Ms. Akshra Dalal

Director JD Institute of Fashion Technology

Ms. Akshra Dalal spearheads the academic endeavors of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, in India and abroad. A graduate in luxury brand management from Regents University, London, Ms. Akshra Dalal is a versatile combination of student counselor, corporate trainer, curriculum developer, and an advisor, associated with JD Institute of Fashion Technology. Ms. Akshra is leading the academic division in the institution across India. She has always believed in quality education and keeping the curriculum relevant in a time of rapid…

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