A Glimpse Into The Trends Of Architecture And Design With Zion Exhibitions

Marking the grand launch of Zion Exhibitions, on 10th December 2021 IIID organized an exhibition on the grounds of The Grand, Vasant Kunj. This majestic affair brought eminent personalities from various sectors of the industry. Making this a business networking event of national level,  renowned architects, interior designers, builders & developers, well-known lighting and facade consultants, hoteliers, and officials from ministries and embassies were present at the venue. Personalities from every aspect of the interior design industry joined this exhibition and made it a success.

Zion Exhibitions

Zion exhibition is a trailblazing platform for the latest trends in technology and design in the field of architecture, construction, and design. The organization is the brainchild of experienced professionals who have the expertise and in-depth knowledge in the field of architecture and design. Zion Exhibitions is striving to make a difference in the nation and create a benchmark in the field of exhibition design. They aim to bring cutting-edge industry knowledge into the domain from the leading innovators in this field. With this aspiration, they are already on the path to making themselves the nation’s premium Exposition/Exhibition organizer.

Zion Exhibitions

From JD Institute Of Fashion Technology, the interior design faculties and 5 students were invited to this magnificent occasion. The presence of the distinguished personalities helped our students in networking and the insightful panel discussion gave them a glimpse into the domain of interior design. Figures like Prem Nath, Sabina Reddy, Sonali Bhagwati, Nilanjan Bhowal, Nitin Killawala, Manmohan Khanna made the panel discussion on ‘Emerging Trends in Design’ a soaring success. Mr. Hemant Sud, Chairman IIID, was the moderator of the session. The focus of the knowledge-oriented discussion was the post-covid trends that are now evident in the industry. Keeping that in focus, the session highlighted topics like biophilic designs, the role of AI, augmented reality, work from home designed offices, design of cosy study corners, multifunctional space designing, the inclusion of nature in the indoor spaces, etc. The insightful panel discussion was followed by a cocktail and dinner where the guests interacted with the audience.

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